Join PFLAG Denver Team for AIDS Walk Colorado

The 30th annual AIDS Walk Colorado will take place on Saturday, August 19.

The AIDS Walk is the Rocky Mountain Region’s largest oneday HIV/AIDS fundraiser. More than 8,000 people throughout the state come together as a community to raise money for vital services for HIV/AIDS clients of Colorado AIDS Project and many other outstanding AIDS service organizations. If you haven’t already done so, join and/or make a donation to the PFLAG Denver team, but be sure to specify our team.

This will be the 25th year that PFLAG Denver has been a beneficiary organization of the AIDS Walk, i.e., we receive back a large percentage of the money that our team raises. With this money we provide financial assistance to needy persons and families coping with HIV/AIDS. Over the years we have provided over $50,000!

The need for assistance diminishes each year, but it has by no means disappeared. For example, we have been able to help a homeless HIV+ man pay for housing; to provide a gas card for a man who had finally landed a job interview but lacked the funds for gas to drive there; and to present a gift card to someone who had been offered a job but couldn’t afford to buy the work clothes required. In recent years we have often been asked to help pay for dental needs, and we work closely with the Howard Dental Center which has now merged with the Colorado Health Network.

The AIDS Walk serves as a day to remember those lost to the disease, with prominent speakers and panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, in addition to the Celebration of Life Festival, live music, food, beverages and the annual AIDS Walk Colorado Volleyball Tournament, held in conjunction with the Colorado Gay Volleyball Association