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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PFLAG Denver?

Formed in 1980, our PFLAG Denver chapter has been serving the Denver Metro Area for over 40 years. We offer twice-monthly support group sessions, in-person and online. We are active in the local community, speaking at local organizations and events, and providing resources and materials to aligned groups. We sponsor conferences, educational series, and youth-centered events, and have awarded over $100K in scholarships to LGBTQ+ and allied youth for their secondary education. We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and are not affiliated with any religious or political groups.

Who are PFLAG’s Members?

Our members come from all walks of life. We are straight, we are gay or lesbian, we are bisexual. We are transgender. We are moms and dads, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, children and allies. We come from large cities and small towns. We live in rural areas. We are people of color. We come from all economic backgrounds. We come from all faith traditions. We are disabled. We are youth and we are elderly. Our membership and our leadership are diverse, but what we have in common is our commitment to LGBTQ+ rights.

What Does PFLAG Denver Do?

PFLAG Denver supports the LGBTQ+ community, their families and allies. PFLAG Denver educates both families and the public about sexual orientation, gender identity, and other LGBTQ+ issues by hosting speaking events, one-on-one meetings, programs and providing information.  PFLAG Denver advocates for equal rights the LGBTQ+ community through legislative lobbying and informational campaigns. 

How Can I GET Involved in PFLAG Denver?

You can become a member, attend our meetings, volunteer your time, make a donation, or any combination of the above.

Even if you’re not sure that you need PFLAG Denver, remember that PFLAG Denver NEEDS YOU!

Where Does PFLAG Denver Obtain Money to Operate?

The chapter relies primarily on membership dues, individual donations, corporate sponsorships and grants. Learn more!

Are There Other PFLAG Chapters in Colorado?

Yes - there are many other PFLAG Chapters in Colorado and, in fact, all across the country.  For a complete list, please visit the PFLAG National Site.  

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