Frequently Asked Questions

What is PFLAG Denver?

PFLAG Denver is one of the 400 chapters affiliated with the national organization PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Our mission is to support, educate and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, their families, friends, and allies. PFLAG is a nonprofit organization unaffiliated with any religious or political institutions.

Who are PFLAG’s Members?

Our members come from all walks of life. We are straight, we are gay or lesbian, we are bisexual. We are transgendered. We are moms and dads, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, children and allies. We come from large cities and small towns. We live in rural areas. We are people of color. We come from all economic backgrounds. We come from all faith traditions. We are disabled. We are youth and we are elderly.Our membership and our leadership are diverse, but what we have in common is our commitment to GLBT rights.

What Does PFLAG Denver Do?

PFLAG Denver supports the LGBTQ+ community, their families and allies. By providing assistance over the phone, in support group meetings, and with informational publications and other resources. PFLAG Denver educates both families and the public about sexual orientation, gender identity, and other LGBTQ+ issues, by providing speaking events, one-on-one meetings, programs and support groups.  PFLAG Denver advocates for equal rights the LGBTQ+ community through legislative lobbying and informational campaigns. 

How Can I GET Involved in PFLAG Denver?

You can become a member, attend our meetings, volunteer your time, make a donation, or any combination of the above.

Even if you’re not sure that you need PFLAG, remember that PFLAG NEEDS YOU!

Where Does PFLAG Denver Obtain Money to Operate?

The chapter relies primarily on membership dues, donations, an Annual Fundraising Event , grants, and workplace giving through Community Shares of Colorado.

What is PFLAG Denver's 501(c)(3) Status?

PFLAG Denver is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in good standing with the State of Colorado. You can check us out by visiting the Colorado Secretary of State website and do a “Charitable Organizations Search” specifying our registration number (20023007886).

Are There Other PFLAG Chapters in Colorado?

PFLAG Boulder County

PO Box 19696, Boulder, CO 80308-2696

Established: 1993

Meetings: Third Thursday of the month,

First United Methodist Church

7:00 pm – support groups

8:00 pm – program

Contact: 24-hr Hotline: 303-444-8164

Jean Hodges: 303-444-4580



PFLAG Colorado Springs

PO Box 10076, Colorado Springs, CO 80932

Established: 1994

Meetings: Third Tuesday of the month,

The Dwelling Place, 508 N. Tejon

6:30 pm – social

7:00 pm – sharing

8:00 pm – program

Contact: Hotline: 719-575-8658


PFLAG Evergreen/Mountain Area

“Representative” status. Currently, no monthly meetings.

Est. 1993

Contact: Paul

Phone: 303-674-7951

Chapter info at:

PFLAG Fort Collins/Northern Colorado

Established: 1991

Meetings: Second Monday of the month,

Plymouth Congregational Church, 916 W. Prospect Road, 7:00 PM Contact: 970-407-0300

Julie: 970-667-5236

Bev: 970-484-0031


PFLAG Pueblo

PO Box 4484, Pueblo, CO 81003

Established: 1993

Meetings: Second Sunday of the month,

Unitarian Universalist Church,

110 LaCrosse, 2:00 pm

Contact: 719-250-9472


(303) 573-5861

PFLAG Denver

PO Box 6448

Denver, CO 80206

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