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PFLAG Denver SoFFA Group
SoFFA = Significant Other, Family, Friend, and Ally

Is your child, significant other, family member or friend transgender or non-binary? Join PFLAG Denver's SoFFA Group!

“The most important thing to remember is that allyship is a verb, not a noun. You can’t simply ‘be’ an ally. You need to practice it.” -Dr. Evelyn Carter 


PFLAG Denver is committed to supporting folks in the Denver community who are wanting to practice true allyship by showing up for their LGBTQIA+ loved ones to learn how to be more affirming and supportive. Our SoFFA group (SoFFA stands for significant others, friends, families, and allies) is a place where individuals with loved ones who are transgender and/or gender expansive can connect with one another, unpack their biases, build community, learn, unlearn and so much more. 

WHO? Significant others, family, and friends supporting a loved one who is transgender or non-binary/gender expansive.

WHAT? One-hour support group to share your stories and experiences with others on a similar path of supporting a loved one.

WHY? To gain support and community from others who share the unique experience of supporting a loved one through the exploration of their gender identity, and/or transitioning. Create the opportunity to increase your knowledge about the process and gather ideas to support loved ones better as they move through their journey.


  • Twice Monthly on Sundays

  • Virtually from 5:00pm - 6:00pm

  • In-Person from 5:00pm - 6:30pm

  • See full schedule to the right 


  • Online via Zoom using this link:

  • In-Person at Mile High Behavioral Health

    • 4242 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80216

QUESTIONS? Email Alayna Shaw:

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