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PFLAG Denver believes in the transformational power of community and connection. It is in this spirit that we are thrilled to launch our inaugural GSA Micro-Grant Program in support, empowerment, and celebration of the Denver Public School system's GSAs.

GSAs (Gender + Sexuality Alliance / Gay + Straight Alliance) are critical community-based support and advocacy systems in the lives of LGBTQIA+ young adults. GSAs are safe, sacred spaces inside of school systems where participants can build a sense of belonging. They are also chanels through which LGBTQIA+ students develop individual empowerment through collective agency. GSAs teach marginalized students how to advocate within systems, and are powerful agents of change in the pursuit of the safe, inclusive world that PFLAG envisions.

PFLAG Denver is honored to help build a collection of thriving, empowered GSAs across the Denver Public School System.


Applications are processed on a rolling basis throughout the year



Application Criteria

  • Applicants can only receive one grant per school year

  • GSAs must be associated with a school in the Denver Public Schools district

  • Have an identified, school-district approved account to receive funds

  • Must be able to submit documentation proving that they are officially sanctioned by the school, i.e. have a staff member/teacher as sponsor


Funds may be used to support the mission of the GSA, so long as school rules related to student groups are met.  The funding focus areas of PFLAG Denver’s GSA Mini-Grant Program include the following: community-building, peer-to-peer support, and activism. To that end, consider how these funds enable your group to build community, provide support to one another, and/or take action to create change in your community.

Grants may be made of up to $500 per school year

Reporting Requirements

Within 30 days before the end of the school year, the GSA must provide PFLAG Denver with a report summarizing the use and impact of the funding, which will be submitted through a report form provided by PFLAG Denver.

Funding for PFLAG Denver's GSA Micro-Grant program is made possible by the generosity of the

Sapphic Social Club

The Sapphic Social Club is a grassroots organization that cultivates events for the Denver sapphic/queer community. Our mission is to cultivate more joyful spaces that center the sapphic community while practicing community care through mutual aid.


Every event uplifts a local LGBTQIA+ serving organization through the donation of event proceeds and cross promotion through social channels.

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