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PFLAG arose from the powerful act of one mother, Jeanne Manford, who in 1972 marched with her son Morty in New York City’s third Christopher Street Liberation Day parade, carrying a sign which said “PARENTS of Gays UNITE . . . ” Her courageous action was witnessed by other parents of gay sons and lesbian daughters who longed to express their support. A movement was born.

Occupying church basements and libraries, private homes and parks, parents and allies across the country began to find community in one another, driven together to create a safer and more affirming world for their loved ones. Today, there are over 500 local PFLAG chapters across the country continuing that same mission of Leading With Love.


PFLAG Denver dates its founding to February 1980, when some 35 concerned parents and gay and lesbian family members met to organize a local chapter.


These dedicated individuals served the community during a time when LGBTQIA+ support need was high, resources were scattered, and avenues to connect were significantly more challenging than they were today. Together they formed a collective that answered thousands of letters and kept personal phone numbers "staffed" 24/7 to be available to community members in crisis.  For 13 straight years, our Denver chapter hosted a monthly HIV/AIDS Support Group during a time when the nation systemically ignored those afflicted. The comforted, they advocated, they made lasting change in the lives of countless LGBTQIA+ people and families.


Today, we carry those traditions forward, hosting monthly support groups for the support networks of transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming individuals.  We celebrate and uplift youth through our scholarship program, and we advocate for policies that will protect our LGBTQIA+ Community and those who love us.

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